About OPP:                                                     About OPP

“Our mission is to participate in the healing of your skin and we are judged on this through the results we achieve.” 

Core values:

Oswell Penda Pharmaceutical (OPP), continually aspires to surpass our high standards in delivering upon our core belief of ‘healing skin is what we do’. Furthermore, at the centre of all our company decisions, our core value remains the same. To support patients and keyworkers with our range of advanced wound care products. Additionally, Revamil products are produced to the highest standards, and at OPP we truly believe that ‘real quality costs less’.

History and Location:

Located in the market town of Oswestry in the County of Shropshire on the North Wales border. The name Oswell Penda originates from two English Kings, Oswald, and Penda. Their armies meeting on the field of battle at Maserfield on the 5th of August 641/642. King Penda being victorious and crowning himself the first king of England.

Continued support:

Away from the daily workloads at OPP we have always provided dressings and personal care products when requested to NHS Trusts, communities, specialist departments, teaching facilities and individual workers. As a company we are very supportive of our health and social workers, continuing to provide ongoing support.

Product launch:

OPP has worked extremely hard behind the scenes during the past year and achieved many of our goals. As a company we are very excited to announce that Revamil products are now available to a wider patient group by way of the NHS supply chain and NHS SBS. Furthermore, OPP has been listening to our customers, and what they have had to say about wound care and dressings. More recently OPP has delivered on some very unique dressings, including an equine honey collagen pad and the very first pre-loaded honey syringe.

With this in mind we would like to thank all the health care professionals and patients who have supported OPP during the last year often under trying conditions.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, healthy, and successful 2022.


Clare Chesworth (Founder)


January 2022