About OPP

At Oswell Penda Pharmaceuticals (OPP) ‘Healing skin is what we do’, this is the core value of our business, from children to adults our range of products suit all age groups, skin types and conditions. Offering comfort, relief, and healing, our belief is, 'quality costs less'.

OPP is a growing wound care company based in the UK on the Shropshire, North Wales border. We are dedicated to supporting patients and health care professionals . With a range of  products that are suitable for wounds and personal care.

We introduced Revamil and Dermagiq into the UK in 2018. We recognised what a great product Revamil honey was and the benefits for both patients and nursing staff. Since its introduction we have come along way and have now introduced a range of personal care products for dry, cracked and irritated hands due to excessive hygiene.

Since the onset of Covid pandemic in the UK, OPP have supplied NHS and key workers Revamil products. We have provided dressings and personal care products to NHS Trusts, specialist departments and individual workers. We have supported workers with pressure sores on faces due to excessive personal protection equipment (PPE) wearing and  help treat cracked, dry damaged hands. As a company we are very supportive of all our health and social workers and we continue to provide support in very difficult circumstances. Thank you for your services and we hope our offerings have brought some relief.

Looking ahead, we are extremely excited about the future with several new Revamil products in the pipeline and we are always looking at ways to improve current products and practices. Moving into 2021 we are looking to increase our workforce and continue to grow Revamil use across the UK. We will also proactively look to strengthen our ties with international Revamil suppliers and users.

OPP always welcomes feedback and we have a testimonial page  on our website to hear from all Revamil users. Everyone within the company looks forward to working with you in the future and please stay safe.

Thank you

Clare Chesworth (CEO)