About Us

Oswell Penda Pharmaceuticals is a growing wound care company based in the UK on the Shropshire/North Wales border. As a company we are dedicated to supporting patients and health care professionals in treating wounds and skin conditions with a range of products that have no cytotoxic properties and boast 100% pure medical grade honey dressings.

Oswell Penda Pharmaceuticals is the licenced distributor for the Revamil product range within the UK. Revamil medical grade honey dressings have been widely used both in mainland Europe and the Middle East for over ten years with a wealth of clinical evidence and case studies supporting its use. Oswell Penda Pharmaceuticals is very passionate about offering the NHS a new range of products that places the end user at the centre of all our decision making.

We are continually looking to grow our portfolio of products and actively reach out for partnerships to support this process.

Please contact us for any product information or if you would like to discuss working in partnership with Oswell Penda Pharmaceuticals.