Case Studies

Properties and use of a honey dressing and gel in wound management

BJN Article Tissue Viability Supplement March 2019

Clinical testing with Revamil® on 80 patients

By: Bronovo Hospital, The Hague, the Netherlands

Revamil® Melginate Case Study

Wound Care: Alginate dressing on basis of medicinal honey

Honey gauze Revamil used for treating and healing burns

Aharon Wanszelbaum MD, Meuhedet health service wound clinics

Honey used in Wound Care

Modern use of an 'ancient' recipe

Efficiency of a honey balm on venous insufficiency ulcer and eczema

A. Wanszelbaum MD 1 C. Grach M Sc 2
1: Meuhedet Health Service Jerusalem, Israel 2: Chronic Wound Treatment ltd., Israel


Abdominoplasty following bariatric surgery

Use of dressings impregnated with medicinal honey to prevent complications


Additional tests have been carried out at hospitals around the world, among others Modena (Italy), Bologna (Italy), Prague (Czech Republic).