Dermagiq Honey Proct

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Benefits of  buying and using Dermagiq Honey Proct:

  • Cooling effect to reduce anal itching.
  • Helps reduce perianal irritation.
  • Protects and calms irritation from incontinence, hemorrhoids and anal fissures.
  • Medical grade honey content kills bacteria.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Handy discrete tube.
  • No mess application.


Welcome, Dermagiq Honey Proct Users:

Dermagiq Proct was developed for the treatment of superficial, infected wounds and soreness around the anus, caused by haemorrhoids. Dermagiq Proct consists of a skin-friendly ointment combined with honey. This combination of ingredients gives the ointment its soothing and healing properties and as a result reduces itching.

Points Of Interest:

  • Dermagiq Proct contains no substances that are known to give rise to allergic reactions.
  • Once applied it has a slight cooling effect and this helps reduce itchiness.
  • This product has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The bees wax contents offers  both antiseptic and protective properties.

Must Know Facts:

  • Registered as a Class IIa CE marked product.
  • It contains 25% medical-grade honey.
  • Use within three months of opening the tube.
  • Dermagiq honey proct comes in a 15g tube.
  • This product contains no pharmaceutical substances and is plastic and paraben free.
  • Please do not use if honey is not your thing!

How to use:

  • First wash the skin around the anus.
  • Dry the area with a clean cloth.
  • Apply a small amount of the Dermagiq ointment around the anus.
  • Rub into the region gently.
  • Clean hands with Revamil gentle hand wash.
  • Apply as often as required.


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