Revamil Honey Melginate


Revamil Melginate is a calcium alginate impregnated with enzyme rich Revamil honey. With unique high absorbency capacity and fast gelling action, this dressing offers antibacterial protection as well as wound exudate management. Suitable for infected wounds, necrotic wounds, leg ulcers, surgical wounds and heavily exudating wounds.


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Revamil Honey Melginate:

  • Clinically proven to absorb high levels of fluid versus other honey alginates
  • Easy removal therefore decreasing pain and improving patient comfort and compliance
  • Revamil Melginate’s fast acting gel formation, leaves no residual fibres in the wound
  • Impregnated with Revamil medical grade honey, protects against wound infection
  • Superior wound exudate management, protects the surrounding tissue





Clinical Interest:

Revamil Melginate vs silver and honey Algivon dressings In vivo studies and absorbency testing vs Algivon and Apinate alginate dressings at SMTL.






Must Know Facts:

  • Revamil Honey Melginate is a Class IIb CE registered product.
  • Available on prescription, through your nursing team, from 1st January 2021
  • This product comes in two sizes 5x5cm and 10x10cm, ideal for varying wound sites and sizes.
  • Melginate is free of plastics, parabens and pharmaceutical substances.
  • Please do not use if honey is not your thing!

How To Use:

  • Clean the wound.
  • Open the outer packaging and remove the dressing
  • Cut Melginate to size and apply dressing to wound surface.
  • Cover and secure with an appropriate secondary dressing.
  • Change the dressing every 3 days or earlier.
  • Use Revamil Balm around the wound edges for added protection

Further Information:

  • Please feel free to look at our other Revamil honey products by clicking the link Here.
  • Please contact our Sales Team  if you have any questions regarding Revamil Melginate.


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