Revamil Wound Dressing


Revamil Wound Dressing consists of dressings impregnated with 100% pure, honey with a high enzyme content and a low ph. The carefully controlled production process guarantees that honey in Revamil Wound Dressing does not contain any traces of pesticides and that the same quality can be reproduced consistently. The pliant poly-acetate dressing does not stick to the wound and guarantees the slow release of the honey into the wound bed.


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Welcome, Revamil Wound Dressing Users:

Revamil wound dressings are versatile and as a result they are suitable for the treatment of many different wounds. Licenced for a variety of wound types, they can be used in many different settings. They come in four sizes, ready to use and preloaded with honey.  These dressing are easy to fold and cut and can be applied and removed easily.

Points Of Interest:

  • It creates a micro-environment that stimulates wound healing and as a result reduces wound healing time.
  • Once applied it neutralises wound odours through the killing of bacteria commonly found in wounds.
  • It creates a protective layer over the wound, therefore preventing airborne bacteria penetrating.
  • Revamil wound dressings are safe to use on all age groups and diabetic patients.

Must Know Facts:

  • Revamil wound dressings are available in four sizes and therefore will suit all wound sizes.
  • This product is 100% medical grade honey on a poly-acetate carrier and therefore, afford users greater comfort.
  • Registered as a Class IIb CE product and therefore is available on prescription.
  • It contains no pharmaceutical substances and is plastic and paraben free.
  • Do not use if honey is not your thing!

How to use:

  • Open Revamil wound dressing by tearing the seal.
  • Remove the impregnated dressing from the protective sheet and spread it out over the wound.
  • Attach the dressing in the normal way, and use a secondary dressing if necessary.
  • After three days remove the dressing carefully from the wound and replace it.

Eye Spy:

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