John Bull: Director

I recently purchased several products from Oswell Penda, Revamil balm, hand cream and foot cream. I do a great deal of fell running, walking and this range of honey creams is a great fixer. Thanks, all the best, a future buyer.

Charlotte Gaweda: NHS

Really pleased with the hand cream and balm. Have tried for years to find something suitable, especially as I suffer from dermatitis on hands. With hand washing I found my hands were really suffering.

It’s Non greasy and Nicely moisturises without worrying I’m going to leave marks/grease everywhere.

Highly recommend and will definitely carry on using.

Betty Okot: Staff Nurse

I have very dry skin and for many years I have tried using different types of cream nothing work for me.
But this product worked for me like miracle. it’s amazing first day using I showed result straight away and even last longer until you decide to wash it out. Happily will recommend these product to my friends.

Sarah Maddocks: Microbiologist

I was recently given a tube of Revamil hand cream to try, because I work in a lab and get very dry hands from wearing gloves and washing them a lot! It works really well, and I found that I don’t need to use as much of this hand cream as I do other varieties for it to “work”, and I don’t have to re-apply it as often. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone who wears latex/nitrile gloves (or similar) on a regular basis with consequent skin dryness.

My partner has also recently tried Revamil balm for is eczema and has found it very effective to prevent itching and skin dryness, and now uses its in preference to other treatments.

Rachel Wong: Tissue Viability Support Nurse

I am currently using two amazing products; Revamil hand cream and Revamil hand wash. The hand wash smells gorgeous, beautiful scent when rubbed on hands, builds up a great lather and leaves hands feeling very clean, fresh and soft. Especially in current climate with COVID-19 knowing this is honey based means a lot to me, to reduce bacterial load naturally too. Lasts a long time too, still on first bottle. The hand cream is smooth and again has a subtle fragrance, that is quite soothing. Leaves my hands so soft. No sticky residue. Again with frequent handwashing, it is so important to hydrate hands after washing all day. I am so pleased with both products. Highly recommended.

Olga Keryao: TVN

Revamil balm
Revamil hand cream
They were amazing, miracle product. Patients and staff are using it.

Karen Dickinson: Tissue Viability Nurse

Revamil hand cream – feedback has been positive about this product from the nurses using this.
It works and moisturises the hands well without it being too sticky. It is light enough and absorbs easily, the hands feel protected from constant hand washing.

Faye Evans: Beauty Salon Owner

I Just love this new hand cream, it’s power packed with natural honey and almond oil, The none greasy Formulation means it’s easily absorbed, with a light smell of the honey. Revamil Hand Cream leaves your hands Feeling smooth hydrated and luminous..
Just perfect for working hands, gardeners, men & mums on the go!! I can see a real difference in my skin after Using it twice a day, for 10 days. let’s face it we are all washing our hands more frequently at the moment.

You won’t be disappointed in this hand cream, priced at under £10 for 100ml You can’t go wrong, there’s nothing not to love. This is not just a product by pharmaceutical Giants, its a mum with a plan to help herself and others! It’s great, I love it!