Revamil Honey Gel


Benefits of prescribing, buying and using Revamil honey gel:

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Revamil medical grade honey proven to kill bacteria .
  • Reduces wound odour.
  • Easy to apply, saves you time.
  • Comfortable for patients with easy dressing changes.
  • No mess application.


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Welcome, Revamil Honey Gel Users:

Revamil honey gel is a versatile product and as a result is suitable for the treatment of a variety of wounds. The high honey content within this product kills bacteria commonly found in wounds and therefore, reduces healing time, malodour and improves patient compliance.


Points of Interest:

  • It creates a moist environment and as a result stimulates healing.
  • Revamil honey gel once applied neutralises wound odours through the killing of bacteria commonly found in wounds.
  • It creates a protective layer over the wound, therefore preventing airborne bacteria penetrating into the wound.
  • Revamil wound gel has been licenced for a variety of wounds and as a result offers a one stop product in treating wound infection.
  • Revamil honey gel is safe to use on all age groups and diabetic patients.

Must Know Facts:

  • We are able to supply Revamil honey gel in 18g, 5g tubes 2g pre loaded syringes.
  • This product is composed of 100% medical grade honey.
  • This is a  Class IIb CE registered product, available through your GP.
  • The tube can remain in use for three months, once opened.
  • It contains no pharmaceutical substances and is plastic and paraben free.
  • Do not use if honey is not your thing.

How to use:

  • When applying cover the wound with the thickness of a pound coin.
  • Revamil wound gel can be applied directly to the wound and then covered with a secondary dressing.
  • It can be applied directly onto a secondary wound dressing.
  • For best healing results, we recommend that this dressing is replaced at least every 3 days.


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  • For bulk or business orders please contact our Sales Team.



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